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so, over the past few weeks, I've busted out a few BSG drabbles for various inspiration-days at [ profile] 13th_tribe and [ profile] bsg_epics. reposting everything here for organization's sake.



Leoben + Sam (gen)
written for the prompt 'Leoben watching Sam play Pyramid' at [ profile] 13th_tribe

"Good game." )


Gaius Baltar (gen)
written for [ profile] astreamofstars' headcanon that Gaius's mother left his father when Gaius was young.

He imagines her, arms wet to the elbows, scrubbing his shirts in the aluminum washbin )


D'Anna + another Three (gen)
written for one of the Valentine's day prompts at [ profile] bsg_epics. prompt from [ profile] rirenec: D'Anna + Another Three - what does it mean?

Her sister stares at some indistinct point on the white tile walls )


written for one of the Valentine's day prompts at [ profile] bsg_epics. prompt from [ profile] nicole_anell: Caprica, special

"You're so overcome." )


D'Anna + Gaius (gen)
written for one of the Valentine's day prompts over at [ profile] bsg_epics. prompt from [ profile] astreamofstars: Gaius - I do not love you except because I love you.

We fear the hurt that comes with inexplicable absence )
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....that time is back. in case someone on my flist hasn't been spammed with the return of that band that knows all about Anthems to Your High School Angst, have an MCR video:

oh look. instead of working on my paintings or writing that paper I should be turning in or doing any of my math homework, I wrote bandslash fic again for the first time in years.

thanks to an extensive discussion with [ profile] normalhumanbein (who also beat me to the punch with posting something for this insanity), I now give you some 2,000+ words of emo boys being emo in the post-apocalyptic desert of TREMENDOUSLY unbeta'd, stream-of-consciousness-in-the-bad-way writing. oh yeah. it's a red hot mess.

Title: Untitled
Rating: R
Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Ray, Gerard/Mikey
Summary: an AU disaster.  there was a virus.  the virus makes you crazy.  the vaccine makes you empty. this is mostly like fragments of an idea stitched together under the very very loose definition of narrative fiction.
Warnings: uh, language? mostly, just know that this was written in under 24 hours with no editing whatsoever so....don't take it too seriously or anything. really.

Mikey's memories of the hospital are terrifying but comfortable )
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because when I should be taking care of responsibilities, I decide it's time to drabble.  and it's much closer to being an drabble, I promise (so...less like the things I usually post, which I call "drabbles"--but by which I really mean "unfinished bits of nothingness that are too long to be drabbles and too short to be stories HERE, HAVE A HOT MESS").

so yeah. here goes. written now with the promise to myself that I won't revise it when I finish.  so, enjoy some stream-of-consciousness-leaning scribble while I avoid packing.

Title: sibling rivalry
Rating: PG-13 for thematic...stuff
Warnings: incest (or the implications thereof)
Notes: harry potter fandom. in all truth, I probably wrote this because I've been mulling over my darkfest prompt.

Read more... )
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Title: none
Pairing: Morgan/Reid
Warnings: none really, unless language offends you that much. and, as usual, this is hugely unbeta-ed, and tremendously fragmentary.
Notes:  for [ profile] luckinfovely , who requested:
1. Reid cheating
2. Morgan and Reid's biggest fight.

...I'm not sure this succeeds in fulfilling either of those.  here's hoping.

There are a million ways this could have ended )


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