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with a snippet of sorts?

if you like Hollis Mason, Watchmen, The Minutemen, or that other bit of Backstory Nonsense that I wrote exploring all three, then you'll probably like this.  I hope.

and if all that doesn't entice you, mayhaps the prospect of teh ghey will.

the usual rules and notes/warnings apply:
- written and posted on-the-spot. therefore, unbeta-ed
- also: ending is a crapshoot because of the writing-on-the-spot thing
- complete disregard for canon timelines
- blending of GN and movie canon
- all of this can be thought of as taking place in the universe of A Brief History of Who I Love

"Stand up, Mason, and let me welcome you into the new year." )
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I'd just like to say that I'm like a fucking machine right now.  apparently excessive posting happens when I'm trapped at home for the better part of the day (every day, for weeks and weeks and weeks...).

anyway, this time around I present you with Watchmen fic.  with specific regards to young!Hollis Mason and all the myriad ways that I believe him to be secretly tortured and repressed.

so...uh. enjoy?  mayhaps I'll get around to posting this over at [ profile] watchdom at some point.

Title: A Brief History of Who I Love (part 1/??)
Description: speculation on the relationships and histories of the Minutemen, as told through the eyes of a one (silently suffering) Hollis Mason.
Warnings: N/A (unless a few f-bombs really disturb you)
Notes: the story employs a blending of GN!canon and movie!canon (specifically with regards to the Jon-gets-framed-as-murderer-of-millions plot point) and the general Minutemen timeline is bastardized and ignored several times over.

the title is shamelessly stolen borrowed from a literary work far greater than this one.

finally, a million thanks to [ profile] smirnoffmule , who beta-ed this nonsense and put up with the constant voicing of all my  concerns in the meantime. I probably wouldn't have written this at all without the support.

Hollis Mason Arises from the Ashes )


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