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Title: all empires, made of paper
Rating: R/Mature
Pairing: Joe Trohman/Gabe Saporta
Summary: AU. one-shot. People older than them talk about a place that used to exist. The United States of America. Grown ups remember it; to everyone else, it's just a story. And not even a very good one.
Warnings: language? middling-to-very explicit mentions of consensual bloodplay.
Notes: the product of several conversations, centering on the lamentable lack of gabe/joe in the world. and the need for "less high melodrama bloodplay". this hits the first, and...maybe the second. i'll get around to posting it on ao3 soon, but have it here in the meantime.

the city—it was still and clean, new and clean, bright and clean and clean and clean as the blood on my face )
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vi. In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your wish-list if you feel comfortable doing so. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Check out other people's posts. Maybe you will grant a wish.

i'm still reading through the list of other people's wishes, but i really love this particular challenge! it's a nice chance to make new friends. 

my own wishes:

- a collaborator! i love cowriting, and all the myriad forms it can take. i also like working as part of a team to create bigger projects like games, podfics/plays, and comics, so y'know. if you're looking for a writer to party down in that way, i'd be happy to.

- literally anyone to talk to me about the game cute demon crashers. seriously. it's a kind of lowkey "dating" sim (so it contains some sexual content--just a heads up) that involves succubi and incubi and humans exploring their relative sexual preferences. it's a cute, fun, free game. i mostly just want to yell with someone about all the headcanon i've developed re: world that the incubi/succubi come from, and how the particular main characters in the game got to know each other. 

- omg i'd love to make friends with anyone who's read n.k. jemisin's inheritance trilogy. i have a lot of headcanon about sieh and t'vril and deka, and i want to yell with someone about it. 

viii. In your own space, make a list of at least 3 things that you like about yourself. 

as everyone has pointed out, this is a pretty hard challenge? not even because i'm ashamed or anything but i just...don't particularly know what i'd say in response to this? but here's to giving it a go.

- i like that i love both the arts and the sciences. i feel really lucky that my brain works that way.

- i like that i like cooking? or that i feel like it's a fun undertaking, at any rate.

- i like that i love my siblings. i've never been so grateful to have two people in my life.
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Horizons and Runaways
by [personal profile] cold_clarity


written mostly as a vignette to fit into the modern-day AU web that I've woven with [ profile] sunshine_queen . Lucrezia is seventeen and Cesare is twenty-one and together they drive from New York to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.

warnings for implicit romantic interest between siblings.

They’re running west, to the sheer and serried ridgelines where civilization falls away )

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nearly done with the clean-up posts! this is the last thing from the OTP meme.

Mata Hari, Mother Night
written for [ profile] suspiriorum, who requested backstory about Bridget and Hans.

theirs is not a love story )
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American Boys
Wicki muses on kin and country and Donny Donowitz

notes: originally written for [ profile] sevenwindows in the OTP meme I did a bit ago. reposted here for organization's sake.

Donny has some girl back home )
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doing a bit of housecleaning right now. mostly this comes in the form of taking what-was-once-commentfic and relogging it to fic-with-a-proper-post--all because I get a little intense about having all my fic in "fiction posts" on my journal.


have a few Inglourious Basterds drabbles.

Aldo )


Bridget )


Aug. 9th, 2012 05:32 pm
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The Dark Knight Rises
Talia/Bane if you squint, I guess
R for violence and reference to murder

Notes: this is the other piece that I wrote for [ profile] tdkr_kink. The prompt was: 'Bane/Talia; I just want to see that scene when they first see each other again after Ra's al Ghul frees Bane from the pit.'  Like a champ, I managed to touch on that scene only tangentially, and turned the rest of the fic into a dumping ground for my Talia backstory. as with everything I write for ficathon memes, this is unbeta'd and unrevised--so you can anticipate a joyride full of pacing disasters and possible typos.

there is nothing in the pit except the dying and the dead )


Aug. 7th, 2012 10:25 pm
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The Dark Knight Rises

Written for the prompt "Five baths/showers/washings they've shared over the years, from the platonic to the non-platonic, from the primitive to the luxurious (not necessarily in that order)" over at [ profile] tdkr_kink.

Warnings: description of physical injuries, some slightly explicit sexuality, character death.  also, this is probably really overflowing with spoilers for the movie. so maybe don't read on if you don't want to ruin the cinematic experience for yourself.

Notes: this is so aggressively unbeta'd I don't even know what to tell you about it. I just went for 'five times' and only loosely attempted to stitch together a coherent narrative? as such, there's a massive jump in time between the first three parts and I apologize for the jumbled-ness of it all. what can I say? the spirit moved me and this is what I get when I don't try to write things slowly or with any intention of revising them.

When his hands travel to the back of her head, she tips her head forward and her hair comes down around them both, like a veil )
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Stone Walls and Silence

Cersei Jaime (implications of Brienne/Jaime)
warnings for language and implied incest
A/N: written for the round six prompt over at [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme: "Brienne/Jaime– When Jaime visits Cersei in her imprisonment on the Rock, he brings his towering children with him, each marked as their father’s in their own way."

this is very Cersei-centric. consequently, I'm not entirely sure this is exactly what the OP had in mind, but what can you do. posted to my journal instead of in comment-form because, my god, this got out of hand. many many thanks to [ profile] smirnoffmule for reminding me that I am not, in fact, the worst thing that's ever happened to fanfiction.

Casterly Rock has been gutted. )

brbb art

Mar. 24th, 2012 10:57 am
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is finally here! so so excited about the reveal.

and, of course, ten thousand thanks go out to [ profile] dancinbutterfly, for the awesome fic that she wrote to accompany this piece!

drawings ahoy! )
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so, over the past few weeks, I've busted out a few BSG drabbles for various inspiration-days at [ profile] 13th_tribe and [ profile] bsg_epics. reposting everything here for organization's sake.



Leoben + Sam (gen)
written for the prompt 'Leoben watching Sam play Pyramid' at [ profile] 13th_tribe

"Good game." )


Gaius Baltar (gen)
written for [ profile] astreamofstars' headcanon that Gaius's mother left his father when Gaius was young.

He imagines her, arms wet to the elbows, scrubbing his shirts in the aluminum washbin )


D'Anna + another Three (gen)
written for one of the Valentine's day prompts at [ profile] bsg_epics. prompt from [ profile] rirenec: D'Anna + Another Three - what does it mean?

Her sister stares at some indistinct point on the white tile walls )


written for one of the Valentine's day prompts at [ profile] bsg_epics. prompt from [ profile] nicole_anell: Caprica, special

"You're so overcome." )


D'Anna + Gaius (gen)
written for one of the Valentine's day prompts over at [ profile] bsg_epics. prompt from [ profile] astreamofstars: Gaius - I do not love you except because I love you.

We fear the hurt that comes with inexplicable absence )


Jan. 13th, 2012 09:29 pm
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my debut into the world of (kinda-sorta) writing fic for BSG! \o/

Summary: On the night of the summer solstice, without warning, he takes her to the pale shores of Caprica’s beaches.
Warnings: Gaius is...vaguely a jerk? also, I wrote most of this at work, in under an hour. unbeta'd pretension ahoy.

I can’t deal with the indistinct boundaries of a relationship full of surprises. I hope you understand. )


Dec. 28th, 2011 03:02 pm
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snagged from [ profile] rheakurokawa:

Give me a character or a pairing (or both) and I will tell you three tidbits of my personal headcanon for them.
applicable fandoms:
-harry potter (sort of--the only characters I think that much about are the Blacks, the Lestranges, the Malfoys, and Snape)
-battlestar galactica (the 2003 version)
-pirates of the caribbean
-criminal minds
-a song of ice and fire/game of thrones
ETA: -inglourious basterds! did I forget this one?
ETA 2: because someone rec'd some of the meta in here at a fandom community (I'm still blushing), this post is now open
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Catching Fire
Alternate Universe. Amidst the world order of the great American wasteland, Mikey went missing.

Betas: [ profile] smirnoffmule and [ profile] dapatty
Notes: idfic (or crackfic, take your pick); co-authored with [ profile] subcutis. involves the apocalypse (or something like it) and also human trafficking as a form of barter currency. because why not?
Warnings: language, angst, references to non-consensual sexual situations, sex involving dubious consent, and
discussions of slavery

None of this is real and neither [ profile] subcutis nor myself are making any profit.

“I. I’m Gerard and I just—they told me you could help me.” )


Dec. 4th, 2011 04:26 pm
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Hard R
Bellatrix/Snape (and maybe Snape/Lucius if you squint)

I originally wrote this for the 2009 rounds of [ profile] hp_darkfest and only just now realized that I never put it up in my journal it is now, mostly for archival purposes. the prompt for the fic was: Some must cry so that others may be able to laugh the more heartily. -- Jean Rhys. what transpired was an AU situation. Voldemort won. Harry died. Snape didn't. Bellatrix was never killed. things transpire from there.  this being a fic written for a darkfest, I'm warning for graphic torture, and non-consensual sexual situations. read at your own discretion.

all my endless gratitude to [ profile] smirnoffmule and [ profile] luckinfovely, both of whom provided help as beta-readers. this thing would have been a shambles if they hadn’t been there to catch all of my glaring mistakes.

She whiles his life away with tasks )
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Distance In Between

R for sex, language, and implicit incest

written for [ profile] celtic_cookie's All Hands On Deck commentfic challenge. the original prompt came from [ profile] turps33: 'Gerard/Mikey; One of them jerking off while the other is having sex close by. Both aware of what they're doing and putting on a show for the other'. posted here for archival purposes. PWP..ish? unclear. unbeta'd. 

some midnight wannabe vandal )


Jul. 29th, 2011 11:47 pm
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Heart Murmurs
written for [ profile] turps33 's kissing meme. prompt: Mikey/Pete, reunited

Gay desert cowboys, right? )
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Check 'Yes' Or 'No' (Like The Notes We Passed In Study Hall)

Part 1

by [ profile] subcutis and [ profile] cold_clarity 


Rated R for explicit sexual situations

Notes: so one night [ profile] subcutis and I got into a conversation about bandom guys in the generic high school AU setting (you know. like you do).  it sort of spiraled out of control and now we have a multi-part fic happening? anyway, we co-wrote everything, and then I went back and sorta curated it all. this is the first 'chapter' of what we have produced. things you should know:

this part in particular is very, very loose, and kind of all over the place. an eventual sense of continuity appears later down the road, but this is really just us lolling at the idea of Pete Wentz and co. at an all-boys boarding school. we hadn't started out intending to actually write a fic. so yeah.

the melodrama will escalate. I'm warning you now. we're on a mission to rival Degrassi or something.

this is probably the gayest all-boys school ever.  no seriously.  and no one goes to class and there isn't even the slightest hint of supervision.  we are both fully aware of how hugely unrealistic all of that is.

finally, I feel the need to disclaim that neither one of us bear any hatred for Gabe Saporta or Jared Leto. we actually think Gabe is hilarious and Jared is just kind of a diva in a weirdly endearing way.

as usual, we own nothing and we are making no profit out of this. we only hope to make you laugh.

"You are an unbelievable slut" )


Mar. 18th, 2011 11:35 pm
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Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Mikey/Mikey (selfcest?)
R for some references to sex and what have you.

written for [ profile] the_alliterator , who, upon seeing this picture, said she wanted Danger Days!Mikey preying on bb!Mikey by "being all confident and grown up and blond."

this is a completely nonsensical drabble that is entirely self-indulgent.  it is devoid of any real plot, linearity, or logical sense. also, it's unbeta'd. ENJOYYYY.

I kind of had a badass plan for what I'd do to my doppleganger )
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The Best You Can Do
PG-13 for language, primarily. Oh, and the obvious incest.
Gerard gives Mikey a drawing lesson.
Unbeta'd oneshot. If you catch any mistakes, bring on the flogging.
A/N: Written for [ profile] toucanpie , who correctly guessed my [ profile] no_tags story and requested moar Waycest, happy Waycest, and the prompts: 1. hiding out from the rain,  2. leather, or  3. post-video-shoot vignette.  Like a champ, I succeeded in writing only the Waycest and absolutely nothing else. /o\ My profuse apologies, you have them.
And as usual, none of this is real, I'm making no profit, I own nothing, you know the drill.

You're an idiot. And your breath smells like coffee. )
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